METALGARD is a protective lm specially designed to protect pre-painted steel, insulation and colourbond panels against dirt and damage. Suitable for processing, storage and mounting, this protective lm is stable, easily removable and does not leave any glue residue on the surface.


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    Made with high UV resistance capability, LASERGARD lms provide optimum protection for every stage of processing (lamination, laser cutting, transportation, removal). For the laser cutting process in particular, the lms leave no residue and even help to keep noise levels to a minimum.

    · In printed & non-printed lm
    · Applicable for printing processes

    Product Recommendation
    BR8100, BR8200

    Apart from the common paint systems, Saiyakaya’s protective lms for pre-painted surfaces can also be used on PVDF- based and Plastisol-based painted surfaces. These lms provide great protection with superior tensile strength, impact resistance, UV resistance and improved lm elongation for roll forming and bending purposes.

    Product Recommendation
    SPE 4(M), NDT 9191

    Films under this range are designed for stainless steels with any kind of surface nish. If you deal mostly with surfaces of BA and mirror nishes (used mostly in production processes), you will nd that the protective lms also demonstrate excellent peeling strength.

    The range also includes deep draw applications that provide easy-to-peel solutions, lasting even after being used through 3 to 5 processes. Films are available for the following types of surface:
    · BA Finished
    · Hair Line (HL)
    · 2B, Mirror Finished, etc

    Product Recommendation
    SPE 4(M), BR 67, BR 68