Striving for higher levels of excellence

Saiyakaya’s surface films are produced in compliance with high quality resin, and static free
films are safeguarded with quality finishes and are tested for resistance against UV rays.

The films are expandable up to 2 metres in width and 3,000 metres in length, depending on the thickness of film, usually between 25 to 150 microns.

Saiyakaya offers exibility for customization, with printing of up to 8 colors, with films available in myriad materials and color choices, including opaque, black & white, translucent, translucent tinted with color and reverse coated.

Saiyakaya is proud to offer a world of protection films to our esteemed customers in meeting the needs of industries specializing in:
· Building Materials
· Steel & Metal
· Electronics
· Injection Moulding Parts
· Automotive
· DIY & Renovation

At Saiyakaya, every product created has been tailored to meet specic customer requirements. With this in mind, the company is a keen advocate of Research and Development; in fact, a sizeable portion of the company’s resources have been dedicated to this very purpose.

Our products go through vigorous testing, which include an adhesion strength test, UVA test, coating weight test and film thickness test, to ensure the reliability of the quality of each one of our completed products.

Our machines are capable of handling a production capacity of 3 million square meters each month, which are able to produce in a maximum of 2000 millimeters wide with an outer diameter of 400 millimeters. These, have resulted in ISO9001:2008 certications that reinforce the company’s promise to ensure quality products.