Beyond Excellence and Expectations

Saiyakaya films are produced with the highest quality resin. Static-free, our films are shielded with quality finishing and are UV ray resistant.

Our films are expandable up to 2 metres in width and 3000 metres in length with thickness ranging from 25 to 150 microns.

Versatility in our films can be customised with up to 8 colours in printing with a multitude of materials and colour choices from opaque, black & white and translucent.

Customers can choose a wide range of protection films to fit their specific needs in these industries;
  • Building materials
  • Steel & Metal
  • Electronics
  • Injection moulding parts
  • Automotive
  • DIY & Renovation
Every Saiyakaya product can be tailored-made for customisation to any specific requirements. The commitment in meeting our customers needs has driven us to dedicate all resources in comprehensive research and development to continuously improving our quality products.

Our products undergo vigorous testing from adhesion strength testing, UVA tests, coating weight tests to film thickness tests to ensure excellent quality. Our production can handle the capacity of 6 million square metres every month, producing a maximum of 2000mm wide by 400mm in diameter.

As a result, we were awarded the ISO 9001 certification, securing our company's reputation as a producer of quality products.